NEW: The UK's ban on seal, dog & cat fur ban might be under threat after Brexit.

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The cruel and brutal seal hunt will soon be under way in Canada. Thousands of beautiful, innocent baby seals will be clubbed or shot - just for their fur. 

"It is the most brutal sight I have ever seen...
They ran from one helpless seal to the next clubbing as many as they could..
Many were left squirming in agony."

Mark Glover's eyewitness report in 2006.


Respect for Animals was at the forefront of the successful campaign which saw the European Union ban the import of commercial seal products several years ago.  This has had a major impact: over 1.6 million fewer seals were killed in the years since the ban than in the same period before.

But still the hunt goes on and still thousands are killed. 

Here's what you can do today to help end this outrage forever..

Please, take 30 seconds to sign our new letter to Liam Fox, the Secretary of State for International Trade, asking him to guarantee that the ban on cat and dog fur, plus products from commercial seal hunts, is non-negiotiable in any future trade deals.

We have a specific ask of him, but we can only acheive this through strong public pressure. 

That's why we need you. As one of our loyal supporters, we need you to add your name and share the petition with as many friends, family and colleagues as possible. 

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Fighting the Fur Trade

From our hard hitting campaigns involving celebrities and fashion designers to our lobbying of legislators at national and European level, we have a proud track record of fighting the international fur trade. 

Respect for Animals led the succesful campaign which saw fur farming banned throughout the United Kingdom.