Seal hunt begins in Namibia

This year’s seal hunt has begun in Namibia. From July to November permission is granted to kill seals on the beaches where they come ashore to breed, nurse their pups and rest.
The seal pups are herded together, away from their mothers and clubbed to death with wooden bats.  THe adult male seals (bulls) are shot. The killing takes place at two main sites: Cape Cross and Atlas Bay.
Cape Cross is a tourist resort where seal watching is a popular attraction. The gore from the killing is cleared away before the tourists arrive.
The quota for this year’s hunt has yet to be announced and inquiries by Respect for Animals to the Namibian Ministry of Fisheries were met with an assertion that the seals are not hunted or killed but ‘harvested’. In 2009 the Ministry announced a three-year rolling quota hunt (85,000 pups and 7,000 bulls each year) making the Namibian seal hunt second only in size to the brutal Canadian slaughter.
An economic report commissioned by a coalition of animal welfare groups, including Respect for Animals, concluded and demonstrated that the seals are worth more alive as a tourist attraction than dead as seal products. The two activities, the report concluded, were not compatible.
Despite repeated requests to end this cruel hunt, the Namibian government refuses to act and claims the seals are a threat to the fish populations, despite no evidence to support this claim.
The European Union has banned the import of all commercial seal products including those from Namibia.
In 2011, a boycott of Namibian tourism and Namibian products was launched in response to the continuing cruel slaughter.
If you would like to join the campaign, please write to the Namibian High Commissioner in London along with the Namibian Tourism Board saying that you will not visit Namibia until the killing of seals is banned.

The contact details are:

His Excellency George M. Liswaniso
High Commissioner
High Commission for the Republic of Namibia
6 Chandos St


Namibia Tourism Board:

Colechurch House,
1 London Bridge Walk,


Please also support the campaign by making a donation to Respect for Animals. We rely entirely on public support and cannot campaign without your help.

You can make your contribution via our website or by sending a cheque (payable to Respect for Animals) to PO Box 6500, Nottingham NG4 3GB.

Your help and support are very much appreciated.

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