Support Fur Labelling Legislation

An example of US fur labelling

(Above: An example of US fur labelling)

Respect for Animals believes that it is unreasonable and impractical for consumers to have to take recourse to unfair trading legislation to protect themselves against being duped into buying the products of the cruel fur trade.

It is logical for specific and simple new legislation to be brought in which would stipulate an information requirement when real animal fur is included in any product. Manufacturers and retailers should be obliged to:

-list the inclusion of real animal fur on the garment’s label, irrespective of the value of the article of clothing and percentage of fur contained therein;

-include information on the species from which the fur derives, the country in which the fur was produced, treated and manufactured, whether it has been dyed and if it was procured from the wild or a fur factory farm;

-give consumers the protection they deserve and provide them with concrete information to make informed decisions about purchasing fur products.

It is time the UK caught up with the US when it comes to accurate fur labelling and Respect for Animals is taking a lead in campaigning for this reasonable and necessary law.

Please help us to highlight the pressing need for fur labelling legislation.

You can do this by clicking here to sign our letter to the new Business Secretary, Greg Clark.


We want proper fur labelling: NOW!

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Fighting the Fur Trade

From our hard hitting campaigns involving celebrities and fashion designers to our lobbying of legislators at national and European level, we have a proud track record of fighting the international fur trade. 

Respect for Animals led the succesful campaign which saw fur farming banned throughout the United Kingdom.