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YOU can take action right now against the cruel and unnecessary fur trade.

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It can only take ten minutes- yet helps make a difference to the lives of the millions of animals caught up in the fur industry.

- #SayNoToFur- send us your anti-fur selfie!

- Save The Seals 2016: Sign the letter to Canada's new PM

- Show your support for a fur farming ban in Czech Republic

- The need for fur labelling legislation

- Contact fur-selling Harvey Nichols

- Help stop the Namibian seal slaughter

- Ask your MEP to make a difference in the battle against the fur trade

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Fighting the Fur Trade

From our hard hitting campaigns involving celebrities and fashion designers to our lobbying of legislators at national and European level, we have a proud track record of fighting the international fur trade. 

Respect for Animals led the succesful campaign which saw fur farming banned throughout the United Kingdom.