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Respect for Animals has been involved in many effective and hard-hitting campaigns, as we continue to  fight- along with our international partners- against the barbarism of the fur trade.

Video footage of the realities of fur farming and trapping is a vital tool in exposing the true horrors of the industry- the truth behind the spin of the fur trade money makers.

Videos and posters also help raise awareness of the suffering of animals and can deal genuine blows to the fortunes of the fur industry.

Click on the links below to see examples of effective our effective campaigning, which have won acclaim for Respect for Animals the world over:



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Also, you can view our full YouTube channel here.

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Fighting the Fur Trade

From our hard hitting campaigns involving celebrities and fashion designers to our lobbying of legislators at national and European level, we have a proud track record of fighting the international fur trade. 

Respect for Animals led the succesful campaign which saw fur farming banned throughout the United Kingdom.